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Awesome looking little sports coupe. Fun little car to drive. Comes with a valid safety inspection and powertrain warranty available. Taxes and licence extra.

Hyundai Veloster base (2013)
Availability: Available
Condition: Pre-Owned
Price: $9,395 plus taxes

Dealership: Clean And Shine Auto
Email Address: Email Dealership
Phone Number: (905) 688 2542

Exterior Color: Copper
Drive Train: Fwd
Engine: 4 cyl
Transmission: Automatic
Interior Color: Black
Doors: 3 Door
Fuel: Gasoline
Sunroof: Yes Air Conditioning: Yes Power Windows: Yes
Cassette Player: No CD Player: Yes Navigational System: Yes
Power Door Locks: Yes Leather Seats: No Power Seats: Yes
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS): Yes Traction Control: Yes Stability Control: No
CD Changer: No Power Mirrors: Yes Keyless Entry: Yes
Factory Alarm System: Yes Aftermarkey Alarm System: No Remote Start: No
Alloy Wheels: Yes Fog Lights: Yes Cruise Control: Yes  Universal Currency Converter ®
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